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Brought to you by, Maryam, the creator of OF ONE SEA

     Living my whole life on the coast, I have always had a special love for bikinis. In high school, I remember driving a good amount of miles to the "it" high-end bikini boutique and spending all the allowance I saved up on the verrry best bikini I ever laid my eyes on. I still have the bikini today! Where some women spend money on shoes or handbags, there are women like us, who want to spend their money on bikinis. And it's exciting because the quality of bikinis has only gotten better and better.

     Last season I sold women's bikinis and had some customers who couldn't figure out what size they were in the tops and bottoms. I decided to send them a few sizes of the bikinis so that they could try them on first and then they could send the other that didn't fit back to me. I included a pre-paid label in the package for them to easily send the other back. She loved it and this sparked the idea for me to be able to provide this service to more people.  

This is where The Bikini Mine, by OF ONE SEA, was born :)

     I have been working hard coding and designing the website so that it can function seamlessly for you. There is always room for improvement, so please feel free to get in touch and we can chat! 

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